Welcome to the new and improved website. After nearly ten years of what was effectively a holding page, turns out all I had to do was find someone who knew the first thing about web development. Who would've thought?
Please take into account that this is a very fresh overhaul and there's still some kinks to be worked out. Now, let's talk art.


Back in September, I attended a public announcement at the Eltuek Arts Centre in Sydney of the CBRM's new 'Creative Catalyst Program'.
In short; for the first time ever, the municipal government is funding small art grants. The goal being to launch local artists by providing them the means of compensation for a small project to act as proof positive of their capabilities to loan them legitimacy in attempting to accrue funding at a larger scale down the line. Exciting stuff! Of course, I fully intended to apply in hopes of producing an animated short- but I'd never actually written a grant application before. I asked for some feedback at my weekly art club, and got mixed messages from these friends, so the next week I attended Cape Breton University's monthly Artist Gathering and read the group my pitch;

Reading my pitch, with visual accompaniment. Photo by RockPixels

The response I recieved was staggering, I was completely humbled by the support and kindness I recieved from a group that almost always attempts to provide a degree of constructive criticism.
My application was filed ahead of the October 30th deadline and I anxiously await a response. I hope to provide an update sooner rather than later.

Keep your stick on the ice!
- Rob

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